At Home Learning Tips

At Home Learning Tips

At Home Learning Tips

We understand that this is not the start of term that we all hoped for, but we are sure it won’t be too long until we are all back together on the Hill.

Ahead of Monday, we have created this blog post to share some learning from home tips. We hope that you will find these helpful in creating a happy and structured learning from home routine.

1. Set your alarm
Try (as much as possible) to wake up at the regular time you would if travelling into school. This will help keep a good routine which is very important for a good sleep, and your overall mental health.

2. Find a comfortable and suitable learning space.
Try to differentiate your workspace from where you spend your downtime (e.g not in your bedroom or on the sofa). The learning space should be away from distractions such as the TV, computer, video games, mobile phones etc. This will help you to focus when in this space.

3. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for live lessons.
Just as you would in the school environment.

4. Make sure you are prepared for live lessons.
Please make sure you have course materials ready for the start of the learning session- this will help your teachers to start their lessons promptly!

5. Eat away from the learning space.
Remember to take breaks away from your learning space, just as you would do in school.
6. Get some fresh air.
Whether it be a lunchtime cycle or a simple walk around your garden, make sure to take some time away from your learning space to get outdoors and burn off some energy!

We cannot wait to welcome you back on Monday.