28th September 2022

First Month in First Year

First Month in First Year

We can't believe it's been a full month in first year for our S1s. Taking the leap from primary school is often a daunting prospect for young people, but at St. Aloysius' College we make sure that all of our young people feel welcome and supported when they make the transition.

Lots of things change, with a new timetable and different break periods. It is often an exciting challenge our young people are quick to adapt to. We sat down with seven of our newest seniors (Abigayle M., Harry T., Mwitwa S., Olivia B., Pearse L., Piers W. and Sophie H.) to chat to them about their favourite things about first year. From chemistry to our new catering, we got to talk about lots of different things that take part in our Senior School and what makes them so special to our young people. 

Some of our interviewees have been with the College from Junior School and some have joined straight into first year from other schools. We also got the chance to ask about their future career prospects, and got a range of answers from interior designers to engineers. St Aloysius' College offers a great foundation for all of these fields and more. 

Watch the interview here: