19th June 2017

Ralph and Walsh's Magic Emporium Raises £190 at Sports Day

Make a Difference

Ralph and Walsh's Magic Emporium Raises £190 at Sports Day

Ralph and Walsh’s Magic Emporium would like to thank all the young wizards who found their wands at the Junior School Sports Day on Friday.  Use them wisely and success will follow!  You have helped raise a fantastic £190!  We have decided to give this money to J.K Rowling’s charity Lumos.

There are an estimated 8 million children in orphanages worldwide, but about 90% of these children are not orphans, but have a living parent or family.  Most children are placed in institutions or ‘orphanages’ because of poverty, disability or ethnic discrimination.  Parents are unable to feed, look after, or provide an education for their children.

Research suggests that children brought up in institutionalised care have worse physical and emotional health, less support growing up and poor future work opportunities.  As a result, many suffer lifelong physical or emotional harm.

Lumos aims to provide quality family and community based services, so that children can receive the health, education and social services that they need while growing up in a caring environment and with the hope of a positive future.  Many families are able to look after their children with the right support.  Lumos helps bring them home.

Thank you,

Ruben Walsh (Prep Orkney), Tom Ralph (Prep Staffa).