“Pre-school children are welcomed into a community with people at its heart…”

As a school, St Aloysius’ promotes a culture of diversity, individual care and mutual respect. This extends to the Kindergarten where children are encouraged to embrace one another’s differences and similarities as happy, holy and hardworking boys and girls preparing for life in the Green Blazer.

All staff ensure each child is known and loved in a caring, nurturing environment. Each pupil is treated as an individual with the attentive care and knowledge of their assigned Key Worker, who monitors their progress and reports to parents regularly. Key Workers are responsible for all aspects of the child’s social, emotional and academic development, particularly literacy and numeracy.

Kindergarten staff work in partnership with parents, who are regularly invited in to help foster effective learning habits with the children and keep them involved throughout their formative years. In this way, our pre-school children are welcomed into a community with people at its heart and in which every child is known and loved.