Our Aspirations

Faith and Values

We encourage pupils to embrace Christian values by choosing to live for the greater glory of God and the common good through their personal journey of faith.

Jesuit Translation: ‘Religious Formation’

Nourishing the spirit and forming men and women for others.

As a school we look to foster the creative spirit in each person. As a Jesuit school, we exist to serve humanity according to the vision and spirit of the gospel, and, as such, we are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. We offer opportunities for a faith response to God, whilst recognising that faith cannot be imposed.

For Catholic pupils, we offer a knowledge and love for the Church and the Sacraments as privileged opportunities to meet with Christ. For non-Catholic pupils, this includes knowledge of the Scriptures, especially the Gospels. In ways appropriate for a school, concrete experiences of Church life are available to all students. We provide ways for pupils from other religions to practice while part of our wider educational community.

Religious and spiritual formation is integral to the education we provide – it is not added to, or separate from, the educational process. The intellectual, the imaginative and affective, the creative and the physical development of each pupil, along with a sense of wonder, can all help students discover God active in history and creation.

We encourage and assist each pupil in responding to his or her own personal call from God – a vocation of service in personal and professional life.


  • Sacramental preparation in the Junior School
  • A comprehensive retreat programme
  • School assemblies and Masses
  • Provision of a School Chaplaincy
  • Spiritual Exercises
  • Focus on service to others
  • Religious and spiritual formation in all classes
  • Progressive initiation to prayer