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The Hardship Fund

The Hardship Fund

For when the unexpected happens.

Each year a number of families will experience unforeseen financial difficulties beyond their control; be it redundancy, chronic or life-limiting illness, or untimely death.

At a time of uncertainty, parents want to provide stability for their children, (as happened during the pandemic), but their financial situation may prevent them from doing so.

The Hardship Fund ensures that life at school goes on for the affected pupils and donations can support Retreats, uniform costs, or educational trips. 

One anonymous donor supported The Hardship Fund to ensure that one child would be able to attend their Retreat:

“It’s so important, during these formative teenage years, for young people to be able to be included and be treated the same as their peers; after all these experiences are what make lifelong memories.”

How your gift can add up  

  • Gifts of between £100 - £250 can pay for one pupil to attend a Retreat.
  • Gifts of £300 - £400 can pay for one pupil taking part in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, which not only builds character and resilience but is well-received on university applications.
  • Gifts of £500 or more can pay for more specialised subject-related visits such as to Cern, for Physics pupils.