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Head Teacher's Welcome

Head Teacher's Welcome

Nothing can be more important than choosing a school for our children. We invest in them all our hopes and all our dreams and we want not just academic excellence but for them to develop a love of learning, a spirit of adventure, a sense of wonder at the world around them and a belief that life can, and should, be fun and lived to the full.

As Scotland’s only Catholic Jesuit school, St Aloysius’ is uniquely created around the formation of the whole person. We want our pupils to discover personal excellence in all that they do but also look beyond themselves, dedicating some of their time and talents to helping others - preparing our young people to become ‘men and woman for others’.

Our curriculum is centred around the individual rather than the material to be covered. Every one of our pupils is given the opportunity to develop at a pace fitting their ability and personality. In this way they fulfil their unique potential and carve out their own journey.

The College’s academic reputation is enviable and assured. Each year we demonstrate this through our strong examination results which place the College as one of the best performing schools nationally. We enjoy a long-held relationship with the professions and a strong tradition of leadership.

These are the values which form our aspirations with you for your children and the reason Jesuit schooling has stood the test of time.

Isabelle Erskine

Head Teacher