The Drama Department’s Co-Curricular activities, that take place outside the classroom offer participants invaluable skills which are transferable across both academic curriculum and beyond. Becoming a member of the Senior Drama Company or one of our clubs will not only be an extremely enjoyable experience that you will remember long after you have left the college, but will equip individuals with a variety of skills. Members can hope to gain the following skills: self-confidence, team-work, commitment, imagina­tion, empathy, cooperation, concentration, communication skills, public speaking, memory, physical fitness and an appreciation for the arts and culture.

S1 and S2 Drama Club

This is a non-auditioned club open to all pupils in S1 and S2 who have an interest and commitment to Drama. Members will work as an ensemble on a scripted play, culminating in a public performance at the Performing Arts Showcase in the Spring Term.

S3 Drama Club

The Club is open to all pupils, with a continuing interest and commitment to Drama.

This club is perfect for those pupils who are unable to study Drama as part of their timetabled classes. Members will acquire and develop a range of Drama skills with particular focus on creating characters for performance, culminating in a public performance at the Performing Arts Showcase in the Spring Term.

Senior Drama Company

2018 welcomed the launch of the St Aloysius’ Senior Drama Company. The Company will produce extracts from straight plays to be performed as part of the Summer Arts Festival at the end of the summer term. Pupils in S4-S6 can take advantage of this new and exciting venture which provides the perfect opportunity for those pupils, who are passionate about plays and theatre, to showcase their acting talents to a live audience.

School Show

This prestigious event is rehearsed over an intensive eight week period. Interested participants can expect to be involved in auditions for principal, chorus and backstage roles. This activity provides vocational training in a professional setting culminating in public performances to a large audience.