About Our Junior School

About Our Junior School

Our Junior School pupils are surrounded by learning in a vibrant setting, helping pupils in the Green Blazer open their minds and uncover their talents.

The Junior School offers a stimulating and challenging curriculum, rich and varied in nature with an excellent foundation in core subjects English and Mathematics with Art, Science, Music, PE and Modern Languages taught by specialist teachers.

To best meet the needs of every child, the Junior School is split into two sections - Early Years and Juniors - with a special progression year for Primary 7 to ensure children are fully prepared for making the step into S1.

Our after school clubs and charitable focus support the curriculum in helping children find the activities they enjoy, giving them the impetus to help others and find delight in learning.

The Junior School is privileged to help pupils along their Sacramental journey. Along with the Church, we work closely with chaplains and parents to guide and inform children as they prepare. Our holistic approach to faith and values ensures that they appreciate the Sacraments and God’s gift in the greater context of learning and growing.

Our pastoral programme ensures that children are supported by, and feel comfortable with, staff who listen and with whom they can share their joys, cares and concerns. We place people at the heart of all that we do to ensure that we have a community of diversity, individual care and mutual respect for all.

The Junior School comprises of Early Years and Junior Years, with a special progression year in Primary 7 to ensure children are fully prepared for making the step into Senior 1.

Early Years involves Kindergarten to Primary 3 children, providing a happy and friendly environment in which pupils can blossom.

Primary 4 to Primary 7 children move through the Junior School in inspiring surroundings, where they can flourish as people whilst being prepared academically for Senior School.

With appropriate class sizes and specialist subjects in Languages, Art, and Science, our Junior School has a proven track record of success.

Our pupils' English Language skills are well ahead of the expected age of attainment:

  • P3 (picture vocab) - 29 months ahead
  • P4 (word decoding) - 23 months ahead
  • P5 (comprehension) - 18 months ahead
  • P7 (reading) - 24 months ahead

Our Maths scores are significantly above the national average: 

  • P3 - 97% A-C pass
  • P5 - 100% A-C pass
  • P7 - 95% A-C pass

However, academic achievement is only one part of a wider mission of the Junior School as we continue to develop the ‘whole person’ through our five key aspirations – Personal Excellence, Delight in Learning, Faith and Values, Care & Respect, and Make a Difference. 

The school day commences at 8.55am and staff will be on duty from 8.30am in the playground to supervise the children. The school day ends at 3.20pm however children can attend After School Clubs until 4.30pm then transfer to After School Care until 6pm.