Parent's Blog - Junior School

20th March 2023
Parent's Blog - Junior School

My name is Lori Serapiglia and I have been asked by Mr. McHugh to give my perspective, as a parent of the Junior School at the College, and in doing so perhaps give you some insight as to why I chose St Aloysius’ College to be the school that provides the formal education for my two daughters.

I should say that immediately when I was asked that I was flattered - then when I realised when it was, Saturday morning, I was not so flattered but immediately harassed and anxious as to how I was going to fit this in with the extracurricular activities the girls are engaged in through the school and my own schedule.

However, reflection over a cup of tea settled me down and I was grateful for the opportunity to support the wonderful and inspirational teaching staff that St Aloysius’ College has at the Junior School.

I have two girls aged 10 and 5 who attend the College and have done since Kindergarten. I had a choice when I chose St Aloysius’ and I made the choice against certain criteria, that I felt as a parent, in the modern world were important.

I wanted a place where the girls could grow as individuals, I wanted a place where their whole self would be developed, I wanted to see their imagination shine, their curiosity be answered.

I wanted Pastoral care that helped them understand their emotions and the emotions of others.

A place that would nurture their intellect - and to do all of that in an environment that would challenge them to think and to think critically.

But most importantly I wanted a place where they would not forget that they are fortunate, and through their good fortune that they should learn the importance of compassion for those not so fortunate as themselves.

A Jesuit Education ticks all those boxes. St Aloysius’ College, in my view, ticks all of those boxes at every stage of Junior school.

In so doing, the junior school builds and educates the girls to be confident, to have a voice,

to be mannerly, to understand the meaning of justice, and the beauty of diversity,

With dedicated and inspirational teaching and support staff, who really do go over and above, all the way from the bottom to the top, they are supported with their needs to make the right choices when faced with the ethical and moral challenges that they deal with today in their daily lives and in the future with the tools that they are equipped with.

As an example – My ten-year-old daughter is part of the Schola, and three weeks ago, they were invited to sing at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. They were supported by the first years from Senior School and so wonderfully orchestrated and conducted by Ms Archibald. This was a magnificent experience for her to travel away from home, stay with school friends and teachers and perform at such an auspicious location as a culmination of all their practice and hard work.

The same daughter also sleeps in her hockey gear if she is playing on a Saturday morning for that competitive edge!

…and that’s one daughter.

The other is five and she loves St Al’s. She loves her class, her friends and her teachers. So much so she would do a week’s homework in one night!

She is in love with reading and counting, all testimony to her teachers’ great foundation work. Primary 1 at St Aloysius’ has that routine, which is so greatly needed, but through our weekly, if not daily update, on SeeSaw, I can see that the activities my daughter takes part in are varied, engaging and stimulating, you can see that the teachers really have planned and prepared to suit all learning needs within the class.

I really could go on!

I would like to thank you for reading today and If you do choose St Aloysius’ College - you are making the best investment you will ever make, for the most important people in your lives - your children.

- Lori Serapiglia, Junior School parent