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Gonzaga Lectures 2018

The details of this year's Gonzaga lectures have now been confirmed and we are thrilled to welcome three exceptional speakers for 2018.

Tuesday 20th February 7pm

Reverend Dr Donald MacEwan - St Andrews University Chaplain

“The real problem of the whole world of History”: Reconciliation, Relationships and God

Rev MacEwan's lecture will discuss reconciliation within communities and in a world of such conflict within and between religious worldviews, how does the individual’s reconciliation with God flow forth into reconciled human communities?  

Tuesday 27th February 7pm

Jan Graffius - Stonyhurst College Curator

The World is Our House: Jesuits, Culture and Spirituality

Jan Graffius has been Curator of Collections at Stonyhurst College since 2001. She has curated exhibitions nationally and internationally, from Edinburgh to Washington DC, and has written numerous publications and contributed to programmes on Radio 4, BBC 1 and BBC 2. 

The lecture will examine the role of the Jesuits as collectors and keepers of memory from the 16th century to the present day. Drawing on relics, manuscripts, embroideries and artefacts, the lecture will examine the cultural memory of a proscribed faith, and, more importantly, the relevance of objects for present and future generations.

Tuesday 6th March 7pm

Father Frank Turner SJ - British Jesuit Province’s ‘Delegate for the Intellectual Apostolate’

Integral Ecology as Integral Conversion

Father Turner is a British Jesuit and for much of his Jesuit life, he has worked to integrate the political dimensions of the search for social justice with theology. 

His lecture will discuss issues affecting the environment and the need for new ways of understanding and practice. 

The lectures will be held at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, 232 - 242 St Vincent St, Glasgow, G2 5RJ. Admission is free.

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