Head Boy: End of Year Reflection

Head Boy: End of Year Reflection

Written by Humzah Razzaq

Being offered the role of Head Boy at the College for the upcoming academic year was a significant achievement. After a lengthy application process, it was heartening to see that my efforts had paid off. I had previously anticipated my new responsibilities and duties ahead of me, but I knew the role would vary greatly this year due to the current pandemic. Nevertheless, I saw this as a challenge which I was eager to tackle.

I’m incredibly grateful to have Scarlett, the Head Girl, by my side along with a talented team of fellow S6 Captains to share tasks. Their willingness to take on responsibility has resulted in incredible teamwork and we have been able to tackle many obstacles this year.

An obvious challenge brought about by the pandemic is an increased difficulty in arranging social events for Year Groups. However, the College has been able to overcome these barriers and a number of socials were organised with safety precautions in place. The continuation of such events despite the current circumstances has made the reunion of each Year Group even more special.

Life at the College has certainly been affected by Covid-19.   Safety precautions such as one-way systems and the requirement to wear face masks are the ‘new normal’. However, our school retreats have still been able to take place. I feel relieved that younger students can participate in a similar spiritual experience, even if the retreats are in a different format.

With the loss of regular assemblies and masses, there have been few opportunities for the entire College to meet collectively as one. With this, comes the challenge to continue to promote our close, community spirit. On Halloween, the S6 Captains sported their Witches hats and handed chocolates to every student before their first class, keeping spirits high and bringing extra joy before the weekend.

Speaking of community spirit, S5 pupils embodied the school motto ‘men and women for others’ as they designed College themed face masks, raising money for ‘Funding Neuro’, a charity which aims to accelerate the development of new treatments for many of the most serious neurological conditions. This is a great example of making the best out of a difficult situation, highlighting their determination to make a positive difference. Well done S5!

With a Covid-19 vaccine on the horizon, there is an increased sense of hope felt by myself and others at the College. I look forward to more freedom and opportunities for the coming year. Looking back on the past few months, I feel proud of what the College and its pupils have been able to achieve in these unprecedented times.  We have been able to strengthen our charitable efforts and move forward with courage, and I’m confident we will continue to do so. I’m sure we would all like to look back on this extraordinary time, not remembering the difficulties, but reflecting on our wonderful accomplishments.