30th March 2017

A Big Day for the Boys and Girls in Kindergarten

Delight in Learning

A Big Day for the Boys and Girls in Kindergarten

The boys and girls in the Kindergarten had a big day today, as they joined the Junior School to present an assembly to pupils in P1-P3 as well as their proud parents. As if that wasn’t enough, they were then joined by members of P5 to read stories that they had written together.

In the assembly in the morning, the Kindergarten showed us how to love one another, by demonstrating the wonderful values of kindness, honesty and generosity. The children had even learnt songs and dances, which they performed to a very impressed audience.

In the afternoon, P5 walked over to the Kindergarten, bringing along the stories that they had written with the help of the Kindergarten a few weeks ago. The boys and girls were very excited to read the finished stories, and look at the illustrations. P5 showed us how they could be men and women for others, and showed real maturity when reading to the younger children.

Mrs Forbes, Head of Early Years, said she was very proud of all the young people who performed today, and in particular the hard work the Kindergarten had put into learning the presentation for assembly.