3rd February 2023

Junior School Announce Tin and Toy Appeal

Junior School Announce Tin and Toy Appeal

Our Junior School Chaplaincy Team, made up of pupils, has recently been reflecting on the amazing and generous donations the College received as part of our Christmas Hamper appeal. Thinking about other ways that a difference can be made throughout the year, pupils came up with the Tin and Toy Appeal - which involves two different donation drives designed to help a wide range of people in our community.

Firstly, from new week, the Junior School has encouraged every pupil to bring in one item for the local food bank each week until the end of the school year. While a small donation every week may not seem like a lot, this is something that will add up and by the end of term we will hopefully have lots of food and supplies that can go to our local food bank via St Aloysius' Church.

The second appeal is for pre-loved toys to be donated to refugee children who have often had to leave all of their belongings behind them. If every child in the Junior School brought in one toy each, we'd have over 230 to donate to provide a small comfort to many who may not have anything.

We hope that these pupil-led initiatives will inspire all of our young to help where they can in our community - and truly become men and women for and with others. 

We will keep you up to date on the progress of the appeal throughout the year.