Trips and Activities
2nd March 2023

Junior School Pupils Break the Climate Change News

Junior School Pupils Break the Climate Change News

Members of our Junior School Chaplaincy Team had a wonderful day at Sky Up Academy Studios – where we worked with the staff at Sky to produce our very own climate change news report.

We knew we were in for a special day when we arrived at the studios – where we were able to use state-of-the-art equipment that would be used in the production of real news broadcasts. We were excited to get started.

In each of our four groups, we had been assigned job roles. Every team had to produce a segment of the news story, which would come together into one video. Time was ticking, as we only had an hour to prep and record our segments, which is reflective of the real time constraints that news shows work under.

Each group had a producer who oversaw the production, and we also had an Executive Producer whose job it was to make sure everyone was working together in their teams and would have their part done in time. We all got to do exciting things, like using the green screens and professional cameras – as well as picking the costumes that we would wear!

After the hour was up, we all felt confident that we had done everything we needed to do. The footage we had filmed was passed on to the team at Sky, who would edit it all together for us. Whilst we waited in anticipation for our news show to be ready, we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Sky offices at the studio, getting to see lots of people at work and the different roles they had.

We then ended our day by watching our show in a specially made cinema room – everyone loved seeing themselves on screen!

What a fantastic day out. Watch our final video here.