28th February 2023

Nuala's Article for Medic Mentor Magazine

Nuala's Article for Medic Mentor Magazine

Nuala M. (S6) has had her article, entitled “Is Laser Therapy the Future of Veterinary Medicine?”, published in the esteemed Mentor Magazine, a quarterly publication that is the only one of its kind for aspiring healthcare students in the UK. The magazine is read widely throughout the industry, and is often used in schools as a good resource for students looking for a career as a doctor, dentist or vet.

One such student is our very own Nuala, who has applied for Veterinary Medicine at university. Read more about her journey so far in pursuing her future career, and what it was like to have a published article;

"I have applied for Veterinary Medicine, for which you need to undertake a number of hours of work experience. For this, I spent most of my Saturdays for 8 months at my local veterinary clinic, which inspired me to write this article. My particular interest in postoperative care led me to choose the topic surrounding laser therapy.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece and all of the research involved. The photos featured in my article compare two ovariohysterectomy incision sites of dogs (one who had received laser after and one who didn’t), for both of these I got to follow them throughout the whole process, from their procedure and the laser therapy to their recovery afterwards.

I am delighted about my recent publication and excited about my application for Vet Med."

Well done Nuala!