12th August 2022

SQA Exam Results 2022

SQA Exam Results 2022

A huge congratulations to all our hard-working pupils who received their SQA results this week. This year marked the first year any of our SQA pupils had sat their SQA exams under exam conditions in school and we are extremely proud of their dedication and tireless work to achieve some of our best exam results.

At Higher level, an impressive 98% passed (A-C) with 68.3% A grades. In National 5 results, 96.2% passed (A-C) with 70.1% A grades and in Advanced Higher, 88.2% passed with 48% A grades.

There were also a number of more specific successes including over a third of Higher pupils achieving at least 5 A grades and a record number of our S6 pupils achieving their preferred university places. Some more highlights can be found in the graphic below.

Matthew Bartlett, Head Master, commented:

“It has been a real joy to share the examination outcomes this week with our community. The whole team here would like to congratulate our students on exceptional outcomes achieved against the continuing restrictions and impact of Covid.

“As always, I am delighted to have a glimpse of so many individual success stories where students, supported by parents and carers, have achieved exceptional outcomes in challenging circumstances. To all of our community we say thank you. To students for working so hard and showing such commitment, to parents and carers for your unstinting support and to our staff for their unflinching willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for each and every student.”