22nd May 2023

St Aloysius' College Welcomes the Computing Science Community

St Aloysius' College Welcomes the Computing Science Community

Photo from STACS.

St Aloysius' College Computing Science department hosted a Networking Event for computing teachers from across Scotland, including student teachers just about to finish their final placement and begin their probationary year. Over 40 teachers attended including visitors from Aberdeen, Inverness, and Edinburgh!

The event was co-organised by STACS, Scottish Teachers Advancing Computing Science, a government-funded group who are working to promote the subject across Scotland. STACS were formed in response to the Logan report into the Scottish Technology Ecosystem.

There were speakers and guests from the SQA, schools across Scotland, the University of Glasgow, Make It Happen, Code Clan, Dress Code and Scotland IS.

Scotland IS work with industry and education to encourage people into the tech industry. This is a huge part of the Scottish economy but, with over 15,000 new jobs in tech in Scotland each year, there are not enough computing scientists leaving schools and universities to fill these posts.

It was a great privilege to welcome everyone to our STEM-dedicated Clavius building and spend some time talking with sector leaders and teachers. We are looking forward to our next get-together!