17th March 2023

Teachers To Run London Marathon for Jesuit Missions

Teachers To Run London Marathon for Jesuit Missions

This year, Mr. Ferrie, Mr. McKillop, Ms. Fyfe, Mrs. Freer and Mr. Higgins will be taking part in the London Marathon - raising funds for Jesuit Missions UK and their great work supporting education in South Sudan.

We are eager to raise as much as we can for this amazing cause. Any donations will be very much appreciated and will go a long way to inspiring our team around the 26.2 miles!

Please see below for more details of the important work Jesuit Missions are doing in South Sudan:

In South Sudan, only half of the teachers have completed secondary school. Likewise, the education infrastructure is poor, with many students learning in inadequate corrugated structures or under the shade of trees. 

One trainee teacher explains her motivation: "We are here for the betterment of future children. So they will not be like us who had untrained teachers. Your donation will help where the need is greatest, and in South Sudan, your contribution can make a great difference."

  • £10 will provide a dignity and hygiene kit for a student in secondary school. 
  • £25 will ensure that a secondary school student has one porridge meal a day for a month (or £250 for the whole year as students are in school for 10 months) 
  • £55 will cover the cost of a female student or teacher's monthly childcare for children under five. 
  • £80 will support a young person through a year-long computer programming course.

Please donate whatever you can - even a few pounds will make a huge difference.

Support our fundraiser by donating here.