Every Green Blazer story has to start somewhere, and at St Aloysius’ it begins with Gill Atkinson (currently on maternity leave). As Registrar, Gill is the first person you will meet at the College, so for her, the Green Blazer really is something rather special.

“Although I didn’t grow up in Glasgow, I’ve lived here for ten years,” she says. “I’d been aware of the College for much of that time, especially the Green Blazers. As a city centre school, it’s not surprising that St Aloysius’ community reflects the same warmth for which Glasgow has become famous. It is a city very much defined by its people and the communities it promotes. The way that Glaswegians reach out to one another and the relationships that people form can make it feel like a much smaller place.

“Similarly, the Aloysian community is defined by the people in it. From the parents who choose the Green Blazer for their children, the staff who teach them in it and the pupils who wear it – there is a real sense of purpose. I feel very lucky to be doing a job that welcomes new people into that community, connecting with families and helping them on their admissions journeys.”

At St Aloysius’, the curriculum is focused on the individual, rather than the material to be covered – every child is different. Similarly, there is no one-size-fits-all admissions process.

“Every day I realise how different each prospective family is,” says Gill. “Of course, their situations and needs are individual. However, all parents do have one thing in common - that above all else, they want their children to be safe, healthy and happy throughout their education. It’s my job to make sure they know St Aloysius’ can nurture their child in each of these ways.”

“Our parents aren’t the only ones brought together by the Green Blazer, since my first day at the College it has been very clear to me just how much the pupils value their time here, and how much the school’s identity has shaped their own. It is a real pleasure to see pupils come in and take their place within the College community, it’s as rewarding a job as you will find.”

Though she doesn’t wear a Green Blazer herself, Gill understands how it has come to be defined by what our pupils achieve whilst wearing it. What then, does the Green Blazer mean to her, we ask.

“The Green Blazer is a shared symbol that means a lot of great things to a lot of great people,” she explains, “That’s something we can build upon with countless future Aloysian families. To me, the Green Blazer means new challenges every day, meeting new people and helping children and their families as they begin their journey as an Aloysian. It’s wonderful that my career has led me to be a part of the College and I hope I can extend this enthusiasm to the new parents and pupils I meet along the way."