“Children are encouraged to be curious about the world in which they live…”

Our Kindergarten environment allows children to begin to develop the academic skills that will allow them to flourish in the Green Blazer. However, in order to establish a deeper love of learning, our Kindergarten practitioners show the children how they can take their education outside the classroom.

As much of the learning is done through play at this level, welcoming visitors to the Kindergarten and taking trips out into the wider world helps our children understand the different contexts of learning. The Kindergarten welcomes a number of interesting visitors every year. The boys and girls learn about the world of work with visits from doctors, nurses, dentists and the police, whilst trips to parks and sealife centres allow them to see how learning happens all around them.

At this stage, we want to open the children’s minds to discover a deeper delight in learning. They are encouraged to be curious about the world in which they live, to want to find out more, to do more, to be more – engaging with the Ignatian principal of the Magis as the norm.

Our talented and passionate Kindergarten staff share their own sense of fun with the children, showing them why learning is something they should value and enjoy through assemblies and participation in school initiatives such as enterprise week.

Parents have a vital role in the early stages of their child’s life at St Aloysius’. We understand that they want to be involved in their child’s development, which is why we hold special ‘Come and Play’ sessions and parental workshops.