Our Aspirations

Care and Respect

In partnership with parents, we create a positive environment where every child is known and loved by supporting and safeguarding pupils whilst promoting a culture of diversity, individual care and mutual respect.

Jesuit Translation: ‘Pastoral Care’

Our way of proceeding. Going the extra mile for those in need of care and encouragement.

‘Cura personalis’ (care for the individual) is a basic characteristic of Jesuit Education. Our curriculum is centred on the person, rather than the material to be covered and, as such, it is our role to support each child in fulfilling their potential and developing at a pace suited to their individual ability and personality.

We provide an attentive care and knowledge of children as individuals which allows them to flourish and provides support and encouragement when life at home or at school is difficult.

We emphasise the happiness in life that comes with the responsible use of freedom and we encourage each pupil to confront each difficulty they face and the impact they have on their own happiness and that of others. Pupils face their obstacles honestly to develop self-awareness and a realisation that forgiveness and change are possible through the love and help of God.

We practice personal development through training of character and will, looking to instil selflessness and concern for others, developing a sense of freedom that respects others and accepts responsibility.

The school implements a fair system of discipline and promotes self-discipline in pupils through application to personal study and recognising the human dignity of others.

In partnership with parents, we aim to create an educational community that places people at its heart, encouraging love and respect for all.


  • Education Scotland 'sector-leading' in safeguarding 
  • Dedicated Heads of Section/Heads of Year
  • Dedicated Assistant Head of Year in Senior School
  • Extensive programme of Health/Wellbeing activities
  • Active Pupil Councils - responsibility for pupil voice
  • Parents’ Consultative Council for parent body
  • Strong relationships between staff and parents