Our Aspirations

Personal Excellence

We believe in every pupil, helping them discover the confidence, motivation and opportunity to achieve personal excellence across all areas of life and learning.

Jesuit Translation: Intellectual Formation

Academic excellence and human competence.

At St Aloysius' College, the curriculum is focused on the person rather than the material to be covered. Each pupil is given the opportunity to develop and achieve goals at a pace fitting their individual ability and facets of his or her own personality. Particular attention is given to the development of the imaginative, the affective and the creative dimensions of each student.

We look to form men and women for others in a way that encourages the development of all of their talents. This is why the curriculum always encompasses the full breadth of languages and literature, creative and performing arts, sciences, technology, maths, social sciences, sport and PE.

All elements of our curriculum have one common objective – the formation of a balanced person with a developed philosophy of life that includes ongoing habits of reflection. The task of our teaching staff is to help each student become an independent learner, to assume the responsibility for his or her own education.

In Jesuit education, the pursuit of academic excellence is appropriate, but only within the larger context of human excellence.


  • Art, Music and the Languages from Kindergarten
  • Specialist teachers in the Junior School
  • Flexible curriculum available from S2 options onwards
  • Broad and balanced curriculum
  • Forerunner in digital learning i.e. iPad programme
  • Academic Religious Education programme
  • Opportunities in Literature, Music, Expressive Arts
  • Development of traditional skills in speaking and writing