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Jesuit Education: What

"Jesuit education is a special style of Catholic education which focuses on formation of the whole person..."

St Aloysius’ College is part of a Jesuit educational tradition dating back to 1548. Jesuits are members of the Society of Jesus, founded in 1540 by St Ignatius Loyola and nine companions. There are now 18,000 members around the world today.

Though the first Jesuits were determined to be free of institutions so that they could go, at a moment’s notice, to the furthest corners of the earth to fulfil God’s mission, they soon realised that one way they could make a difference for the better was through education. Schools and universities would allow the Jesuits to educate and form young people in such a way that they would not only be academically competent, but also look on the world with compassion and spend at least some of their time, talent and energies to the benefit of others.

Within a few short years, Jesuits founded and staffed colleges, earning themselves the nickname of ‘Schoolmasters of Europe’. Today there are 2,210 Jesuit schools and 900 universities worldwide.

Jesuit education is a special style of Catholic education which focuses on formation of the whole person and men and women for others in a way that encourages young people to discover and maximise all of their talents.

Jesuit schools also take seriously the formation of character, calling pupils, teachers and all of those in the educational community to be grateful and generous, faith-filled, loving and hopeful, to be attentive to their own experience attitudes and reactions, and discerning in the way they make choices and decisions.

Across the world, Jesuit schools seek to form the spirit of their pupils through reflection, the art of discernment, as schools of prayer and faith. There is an attentive care and knowledge of children as individuals cura personalis which allows them to flourish and provides support and encouragement when life at home or at school is difficult.

The global Jesuit network helps pupils take a broader perspective on their own place in the world and how they can use their talents to make it a better place for all.

These characteristics alone are not what make Jesuit education distinctive, but rather how they are woven into the life of the school, the curriculum, the activities, and relationships. This is why this model of education has stood the test of time and remains the mission of Jesuit schools today.