“One sometimes finds what one is not looking for.”  Sir Alexander Fleming

Modern day biology is a very exciting ever expanding field providing opportunities in biochemistry and bio-physics, in addition to a vast number of other career choices. Many Universities require higher biology as a pre-requisite for studying medicine, Veterinary medicine or dentistry.

The department is staffed by 4 highly experienced and motivated teachers with specialisms in physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. We have a very experienced technician who plays a critical role in the running of the department.

Biology is taught as a discrete subject from first year onwards and has always proved a very popular subject.  Many students take the opportunity to study biology from National 5 through Higher Human to Advanced Higher Biology level.

The department has always excelled in the SQA examinations with many students achieving an A pass.  A high proportion of students go onto degrees in biology, biochemistry, bio-physics, medicine and dentistry. 

Each year the biology students at S3 and S5 take part in the UK-wide Biology Olympiad and regularly do themselves and the College great credit.

The department has up to date facilities in the award-winning Clavius building and emphasises learning through practical work and independent learning.

Ethos: Our aim is to teach in an atmosphere that encourages independent thinking and curiosity for the natural world.

Video: Intro to National 5 Biology

Video: Intro to Higher Human Biology

Video: Intro to Advanced Higher Biology