It is said that Economics is the “study of consequences”.

Economics is the study of a wide range of topics that provide the framework of any Economic system namely; inflation, interest rates, international trade, unemployment, economic growth and the subsequent impact of decisions concerning these areas as undertaken by firms and governments. 

As an area of study at University it supports many courses, such as maths, engineering and politics, including the popular Philosophy, Politics and Economics course at Oxford and Cambridge.  It touches on many current issues such as Brexit, Sugar Tax and Oil industry, which renders many lessons an extremely interesting discovery of the current issues going on in the UK and globally. 

The department achieves an impressive set of results for its pupils, with large percentages of pupils opting to take the subject into further study.

In the past Economics’ pupils have visited the Bank of England, London Metal Exchange and LSE to view the macro Economic decisions in action.  All lessons are supported with an array of current Economic material from a range of multi-media and prestigious sources that gives the subject a dynamic and respected standing in the academic field.