"History cannot give us a programme for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future." Robert Penn Warren

The Department of History and Modern Studies is located on the top floor of the Hanson building and is staffed by specialist History and Modern Studies teachers. The department seeks to ensure that all students are well taught and well supported. We hope that students who come through our department take away with them not only excellent results but a sense that the study of History or Modern Studies is enriching, fulfilling and extremely good fun.

The Department is extremely proud of its academic achievements. Our results over the past seven years have been consistently amongst the strongest in the College and compare very well with national standards. Indeed, Higher History and Modern Studies both achieved above 85% A grades in the 2016 diet.

Through a variety of teaching methods and strategies, pupils will gain:

  • Knowledge and understanding of aspects of Scottish, British, European and World History in a variety of time periods
  • A conceptual understanding of the past and an ability to think critically and independently
  • A range of skills, including explaining historical events, drawing reasoned conclusions and using evidence to form views
  • A range of transferable skills such as analysing and evaluating and literacy which they will use in everyday life

Pupils have many opportunities to develop their interests in our subject areas beyond the classroom, through field trips, visits from guest speakers, digital collaborations with our partner school in Boston, as well as competitions and a variety of other activities. Trips are taken in an effort to forge meaningful connections for our students between their own lives and the historical events that shape our present.

Video: Intro to National 5 History

Video: Intro to Higher History

Video: Intro to Advanced Higher History