Make a Difference

“The Green Blazer is a symbol that unites Aloysians past and present…”

We want our young people to realise that, like being Aloysian, learning is a lifelong journey. The Green Blazer is a symbol that unites Aloysians past and present within an educational community that dates back over 150 years. 

Our dedicated careers service gives pupils the opportunity to fully consider which path is best suited to them. Most pupils go on to university, some at home, others further afield. We encourage pupils to answer their own call from God – professional, vocational or charitable – as our young people look to ‘go forth, set the world on fire.”

Through our community service programme and other charitable endeavours, pupils are able to look beyond themselves to use their own personal formation to help others. Similarly, once our young people leave school, we hope to have instilled a sense of purpose, giving them the drive to succeed in making a difference in the wider world.

We encourage pupils to participate in the work of their local parish and also to help where possible in the local community. Outreach is a key aspect of the College’s wider aim to make a difference, and through initiatives like the Schola Project, Centre for Social and Environmental Justice, and Arrupe Programme, pupils are able to identify with this.

Aloysian Community

Pupils, staff and parents are joined together to build a unity with others that goes beyond race, culture or religion. In a Jesuit school, the atmosphere is one in which all can live and work together in understanding and love.

Life in the Green Blazer does not end in Senior 6. As soon as they walk through the gates of 45 Hill Street as a pupil, they are entering an educational community which continues after their school days are done. St Aloysius’ has a great tradition of former pupils, known as Old Aloysians (OAs). As a school we are confident in our roots and proud of our heritage, making our community stronger having shared in an unforgettable educational experience.