Teacher's Blog: Assistant Head of S1

6th November 2019
Teacher's Blog: Assistant Head of S1

Our latest blog post comes from our Assistant Head of S1 and class teacher, Mrs Angela Lamarra.

As Assistant Head of S1, my role within the Pastoral Team is diverse and demanding but extremely fulfilling, as it comes with the responsibility for supporting an area of whole school life to which every member of staff and pupil contributes. I believe that this, in turn, ultimately ensures that we provide our young people with the very best environment in which to flourish.

"It is essential in S1 that we provide a secure and happy environment where everyone is comfortable from the beginning, establishing new friendships, positive interactions and feeling immediately part of the community."

We endeavour to deliver fulfilling teaching and learning experiences and continue to promote good health and wellbeing and a growth mind-set, whether their move is from Primary 7 in our Junior School or from a different school entirely.

At the beginning of September, our S1 year group attend their first Outdoor Education Residential Trip to Loch Eil, near Fort William. They engage in a range of team-building activities, various water sports and climbing. The date of the excursion is chosen quite deliberately to provide an opportunity for the pupils to live and work with each other despite some of them only knowing each other for a few weeks.

Having worked with pupils at all primary stages, I realise the need for a personalised approach according to the individual and their family background, which has also led to the development of my nurture principles. On a daily basis, I help, advise and support staff members in dealing with pupils and assist parents in helping them raise their child. I also, at times, but gladly not often, have to ensure the correct discipline tone within the year group.

"In my capacity as Primary 7 class teacher, it is of paramount importance to establish effective working relationships with the Senior School, ensuring seamless transition for our pupils moving into S1."

With Primary 7 regarded as being a key entrance point, I visit schools to establish relationships with teachers and support staff to make their journey to our school as smooth as possible.

It is important to maintain solid communication links with parents, and as the first point of contact for many, I am on hand to answer any questions they may have. My role is to support pupils, parents and staff to ensure we work collaboratively as a team. I believe that the well-being of a child is fundamental in encouraging them to attain academically, emotionally and socially.