6th January 2023

Shay's Glasgow Baby Food Bank Drive

Shay's Glasgow Baby Food Bank Drive

In the run-up to Christmas, Shay D. (S2) worked with staff from his former nursery to bring much-needed formula milk to Glasgow families.

Shay and his family frequently donate to help local food bank initiatives - but when Shay discovered that food banks could not distribute formula milk, he began to wonder how families with babies would be able to feed their children, especially during a financially difficult time. 

Local charity Glasgow Baby Food Bank Limited recently announced that it was replacing its Christmas gift appeal with one calling for more donations of formula milk to help keep them stocked for the many families that use the service. 

Working with his former key worker and the staff at Hyde n Seek Nurseries - Shay helped to collect over 200 cartons of formula milk, nappies, and bottles for the baby food bank. Shay and the nursery staff delivered the items to the charity, which will go a long way in helping others. 

Shay now hopes to be part of more donation drives this year. Any donations to the charity are greatly appreciated, more information on the service can be found here.